Sunday, April 22, 2012

That WOW Factor!

In addition to creating some magnificent transitional crowns and bridges for Angela, our Deserving Diva, I was also able to complete our reshaping and contouring of the chipped and misshapen teeth so that they look very nice and symmetrical. She was sure surprised when I handed her the big mirror to see her new smile! That's what makes it all worthwhile, seeing the tears of joy in the ladies' faces. They now have the WOW Factor! There is even a way for businesses and people to keep track of their own WOW factor. I found this on the web today. You may want to try it out.

Monday, February 27, 2012

When you Believe you meet Miracle Workers, like Dr. Bill Williams of Suwanee Dental Care

How a picture from 3yrs ago confirmed this cosmetic dental makeover for me on February 26th 2012

I must say as I type this I am filled up with tears of JOY. I have a picture that was taken three years ago shortly after I moved here from Ohio. This picture was taken by Barfield Legacy Photography located in Duluth, GA. At the last minute of the photo shoot Mr. Barfield decided to take pictures of me in front of this historic building he said "the sun was giving off a perfect light in this particular area". After they called me in to see the pictures we noticed ironically the sign on the building that I took the picture in front of said REVIVAL. Mr. Barfield said that because him and Danielle did not plan this area as a shoot, they felt like I was going to REVIVE the Luxury Real Estate Market-they knew I was on this path to share a concept that I created around Million Dollar Properties.

With this being said, I would like fast forward you to today, currently one of the Deserving DIVA WINNERS of 2012. I was sitting down looking at youtube last night on February 26th 2012 and came across a video of Gwendolyn Richardson Deserving DIVA of 2012. I noticed the building Deserving DIVA's was in and it said REVIVAL Salon. I immediately started crying as my mind remembered being there at this very building called REVIVAL SALON, and in the video this was the last stop before the big finally and going to the reception for the Deserving DIVA's. As I come to closure on this, the salon called REVIVAL was my first stop into coming here from Ohio. Now it will be the first platform again for me to show off myself with a Open & Restored SMILE. So I would say to anybody and everybody never stop believing .....stand up for what you believe in and anything your heart desires....could be wrapped in a award, such as the one I won through Suwanee Dental Care.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Journey to endless beginnings

I have tried to start this a few times, but when I would go back and read it, I would delete it...It never felt like I could give enough credit or love or put this experience into the right words. It is very few times in life when we have a life changing event happen that is all on a positive note...Our lives seem to be filled with events that are negative which then turn our hearts or minds and cause us to change... Aside from having my children and my walk with Jesus, this is probably the most wonderful thing that has happened in my life...Not only do I get to have an incredible smile, I will have my health back and no more pain...Also within this process I have come to see that I am a person that people actually like and love me for who I am...I have felt like a charity case (never taking advantage) for so long...But to be nominated(which I didnt know about) and then selected...I cried the happiest tears possible...And I got to see people actually see me...I have always enjoyed being the person behind the scenes helping to make things happen, but lately many things have been put on my heart...I want to be the person standing with everyone else and believe I will. I could keep going, but there is so must more to follow I will try to keep them short...

Okay it has been awhile since I posted..I actually couldnt get in i am it is March 24th...I had my first appt to get my scaling done on FEb 9th....can anyone say ouch!!!! Honestly if the condition of my mouth want so bad i dont think it would have taken so long to heal...Amy the lady that worked with me was great...she made sure it was as smooth as possible...but i bet her arms were tired when she finished...what was truly amazing was that since i had it done i have no bleeding gums...I never thought that would happen again...It took me about 3 days to get the drainage to stop from my gums and the swelling to go down, but it was so worth it....and i got the most amazing powered toothbrush and special toothpastes and mouthwash...It is funny to leave a dentist office and feel like a kid leaving his favorite candy store.....

My next appt it march 27...I cant wait..Well, they did my taping for a video segement about the project and finding out that I won...The people were great, I was so nervous...I had just moved into a house and out of the I didnt have furntiure to speak of...Now I just wish I could see the video...I dont get the channel on tv that shows it...So frustrating...But thats ok, i have all the patince in the world...Im sure one of my friends will tape it or it will get put on youtube...Well I'm off...i will be able to give you more updates now that I can get on...

Dr. Bill Williams & Producer Donna Davis Gave Me The Best Gift Ever On My Birthday, Of Telling My Story

February 20, 2012-A Priceless Birthday Present

I want to express the gratitude for this platform that Dr. Bill Williams has given me. Through being a winner of the Deserving Diva 2012 it allows me to open up and share my story with the world. Going from a caterpillar to a butterfly in front of a audience is a great transformation. This cosmetic dental makeover has a in depth impact to my soul, my spirit, and to who I am. Any unhealthy self image of myself will be removed permanently and if there is any fear left  inside of me it will be removed along with these dead teeth. My new bright empowering smile will give hope to the less fortunate and will be the WOW Factor that closes deals on Million Dollar Properties from Buckhead to St. Marlo Country Club......

Friday, February 17, 2012

Dentist With A Heart To Impact Someone Else Life-Suwanee Dental Care 2012

Dr. Bill Williams Of Suwanee Dental Care is GIVING THE GIFT  of a new smile, and doing it with all his HEART.....

My name is Nicole Borden and I am a Deserving Diva of 2012, and to win this Cosmetic Smile Makeover is truly a gift that will have a exponential return. From day one the ambiance of Suwanee Dental was uplifting to my spirit and the heart-felt  treatment made me embrace Suwanee Dental to be out of the box. A brand that is expressing a legacy of love and want to make a difference in History. A dentist that is a mentor, influencer, and voice for other people to be heard.

The miles to get to Suwanee Dental Care are nothing compared to the irresistible smile he is giving back to me...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cumming Dentists: Do You Have The Right Toothbrush?

The Right Toothbrush For Your


Do we always put alot of thought into choosing what kind of toothbrush we use. Well, as a general rule, I would have to say no. Most people are mainly interested in the color of toothbrush they purchase.


Many family's have a system where every member has a color that has somehow been assigned to them. This way no one uses the wrong toothbrush. This is great, but when picking out our toothbrush, we need to start thinking about what we are getting it for.


The job of a toothbrush is to reach and clean most areas of the teeth. The bristles of a toothbrush are very important when deciding on which one is the best for you. Soft bristled toothbrushes should be chosen as opposed to hard bristles which tend to cause gingival recession. Soft bristles are just more flexible and clean beneath the gingival margin without causing damage to your gums. We should also notice the size of the head of the toothbrush.


The head should be small enough to get to the hard to reach areas of the teeth. We should replace our toothbrush every 3 months or when the bristles start to wear. You should also change your toothbrush after a cold, flu, sore throat, or mouth infection. Maybe this information will help you and the health of your mouth the next time you purchase a toothbrush.


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Friday, February 3, 2012

Cumming Dentists: Stress And Your Dental Health

Can Stress Affect Your Dental Health?


Are you battling stress in your life?


These days it is more like who doesn't have some sort of stress in their life. It seems that there just aren't enough hours in the day to do all that we "think" we need to get done. A recent stress in America Survey found that nearly 40 percent of adults experience wakefulness at night because of stress. Stress can have many different side affects on our bodies.


It can also have an impact on our dental health. One common side affect of stress is teeth grinding. Some people grind their teeth at night during their sleep and not even realize they are. This can cause headaches, sore jaws, or pain when biting.


Making small changes in your lifestyle can reduce stress levels. Eating healthier would be a great place to start. Until your stress becomes more managable, there is an appliance that can help with your teeth grinding. A mouth guard. It will act as a cushion for teeth when you are grinding. This will take the pressure off of your teeth which is causing your discomfort. The dentists here at Suwanee Dental Care can evaluate and determine if teeth grinding maybe the cause of your pain and discomfort. Come in today and get on your way to feeling better.



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Best Cumming Dentists unlock the secrets with 5 Keys To Reduce Your Dental Health Risks. Use electric toothbrush.Receive all five videos and coupon for free electric toothbrush: Call 678-245-6021.